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GSPro How To Guide (Kitchener Only)

Please ensure only the marked balls provided by the facility are used when golfing.

GSPro Main Page

Local Match: Start a local match with 1-8 players.
Practice: Start practice mode providing three choices (Range, On Course and Skills Challenge)
Online Match: Starts a round online, either to join or create a room to play online with others.
Tournament: Requires SGT membership


Practice: (Driving Range, On Course Practice, Standard & Custom Skills Test)

Driving Range: Enter a driving range session.
On Course Practice: Use on course practice. Select specific course and location to practice your shot.
Skills Test: Test your skills in a 60-shot skills challenge.

Select Flyout Menu and Exit Game:

Local Match:

Local Match: (Select course or search for a course)

Add or Create New Player: (Tee Box and Colour for each player)

Match Settings:
(Gimme/Auto Putt, Elevation, Putting, Mulligans, Game Play, Fairway Firmness, Green Firmness, Wind)

Match Settings Definitions:

Game Type: Type of match (stroke, scramble)
Tee: Default tee box
Pins: Thurs-Sun pin options
Gimme/Auto Putt: Used to set the gimme circle size OR used to select one of the auto putt options
Elevation: Global or course specific
Putting: Realism setting for putting
Mulligans: Option to enable mulligans
Game Play: Player settings or force realistic
Fairway Firmness: Used to adjust how hard the fairways are
Green Firmness: Used to adjust how hard the greens are
Wind: Wind speed options

Holes: (Select all or only holes you want to play)

In-Match: (Club selection, RH/LH, Hole Distance and etc…)

In-Match Main Screen:

In-Match Flyout Menu:

Data Tiles: Hide or show the data tiles
Settings: Enter settings area
Lighting: Used to adjust lighting and offset
Shot Options: Opens options for rehit, mulligan, etc
Flyover: Initiates flyover of current hole
Putt Grid: Hide or show putting grid
Putt Mode: Manually enter putting mode
Show Flag: Hide or show the flag stick
Shortcuts: Displays graphics with keyboard shortcuts
Scorecard: View scorecard

Select Flyout Menu and Exit Game


E6 How To Guide

Please ensure only the marked balls provided by the facility are used when golfing.

Starting a Round

Add & Edit Players (edit allows selection of tee boxes)

Select Mode of Play (Stroke Play Most Common)

Select Course

Select Game Option (mulligans, environment, etc.) or Tee off

Select Hole Options (number of holes, specific holes, etc.)

Select Clubs

Use Mouse To Manually Aim As Needed

Press “Esc” on keyboard to access menu (mulligans, exit, etc.)

Practicing on the Driving Range

Start a Practice Session

Add & Edit Players

Select Driving Range

Select Clubs

Press “Esc” on keyboard to access menu (includes existing the round)

TrackMan How To Guide

Practicing on the Driving Range

Practice (Shot Analysis, Target Practice, ETC…)

Create/Select Player

Calibration (click continue)

Select Club/Tag/Ball (Click done after selection)

Target Practice

Select Driving Range (Click practice)

Create/Select Player

Player Details (Enter in Name and Email)

Select a Hole (click select)

Golf Club Selection

Choose a Golf Club

Starting a Round

Select Courses

Select Course

Add Players

Sign in or sign in as Guest

Adjust Game Settings or Start Game

Setting - Game Options (putting mode, mulligans, gimme distance, etc…)

Setting - Course Options (environnement condition, etc…)

Start Game

Select a Golf Club

How to Exit a game